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CTC Disaster Response has performed as a major partner in disaster recovery nationwide. Our company performed as a prime contractor in response to several major natural disasters from hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, wind, ice storms and wildfires across the United States.

CTC can respond quickly following any natural disaster mobilizing both manpower and equipment to the devastated area. Our experienced crews with our specialized, state-of-the-art equipment and trucks can quickly clear away downed trees, remove hazardous limbs, load, and haul away debris, provide reduction by any needs necessary (burning/grinding), and dispose effective while meeting all EPA/State regulatory guidelines.. Our goal is to get your community back to a sense of normalcy ASAP.



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At CTC Disaster Response we believe in having the right equipment for the job and keeping it in top operating condition at all times. CTC owns and utilizes proper industry recognized equipment for any debris removal operation.

We require all commercial vehicles to pass DOT Inspection and are to only be driven by properly licensed drivers.

Custom Tree Care debris removal.

All company owned equipment is routinely examined and maintained to the highest of standards allowing for immediate mobilization.


  • Pre Disaster Planning 
  • Emergency Road Clearance
  • Debris Removal
  • Hazardous Tree & Limb Removal
  • Debris Reduction & Temporary Debris Site Management

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